Slow Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast 

This is the easiest, most delicious Beef Pot Roast that you make in your crockpot with only 7 ingredients that are needed to make this incredible roast!

This style of the recipe is one of my favorites because it’s so easy. Seriously doesn’t get any easier than this friends!! Just set it and forget it for an incredible roast dinner.

Why You’ll Love This


- Chuck Roast - Olive Oil - Salt and Pepper - Ranch Dressing - Au Jus mix - Salted Butter - Pepperoncini Peppers

Step 1

Heat up a large non-stick pan on high.


Step 2

Add oil to hot skillet.

Step 3

You want it really hot here to brown or "sear" the beef quickly.

Step 4

Take a paper towel and make sure you dry both sides of the pot roast.

Step 5

Season with a little bit of pepper.

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