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Hi Friends!!

Have you heard of YUMMLY??

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If you haven’t…’s really worth checking out. According to their website,Yummly is a start up based in San Francisco that runs the world’s largest and most powerful recipe search engine.

A quick browse through their search engine features revealed some nifty tools. They’ve got a search function that allows you to specifically include or exclude certain ingredients in your recipe searches. You can rank different tastes (salty, savor, sour, bitter, sweet, spicy) by how much you like or dislike them, bringing back search results that will suit your preferences. They’ve also got filters pertaining to allergies (e.g. dairy-free? gluten-free?), diets (e.g. vegan? vegetarian?), courses, cuisines… you name it! I think it is very cool!

Well anyway, I am a publisher on Yummly and I have added a button on all of my recipes, that says YUM, which will save all of Moore or Less Cooking Food Blog’s recipes to your personal recipe box. 

This is Moore or Less Cooking’s  Yummly Publisher Page where you can easily find and Yum my recipes!

How does Yummly work?
Yummly puts every recipe in the world in your pocket. The most powerful recipe search, the recipe sites you love, your digital recipe box, recipe recommendations just for you, and a smart shopping list – all with you wherever you go. Yummly has the #1 iPhone, iPad and Android apps in addition to millions of website visitors. As recipes get more Yums, they get exposed more often throughout all of their platforms and features.
I hope you will join me over on YUMMLY!!! Happy Yumming!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.