Cream Cheese Pound Cake


Cream Cheese Pound Cake

In case you already don’t know, I am part of The Sunday’s With Joy Baking group on Facebook. Joy The Baker Cookbook is one of my very favorite cookbooks, just ask my friend’s, they will tell you that I rave about it all of the time. To quiet me up, they bought 6 copies for gifts, I guess they got the hint, BIG TIME!


Today I am sharing with you, this delicious Cream Cheese Pound Cake. Pound Cakes are a wonderful, easy cake to bake when you need a quick delicious cake to eat plain or accompanied with fruit and cream.

Besides making Tunnel Of Fudge Cake birthday Cake for hubs this month, which should have been named, “Tunnel Of Love Cake”, I also baked a Cream Cheese Pound Cake, because Strawberry Shortcake is his favorite dessert.

Just add a tablespoon of sugar to a pint of sliced strawberries, let set in the refrigerator for about an hour before spooning over pound cake, with lovely juices, add a dollop of whipped cream. Everyone loves this dessert! Especially my hubby- dub- dubs!

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  • Jett2Whit

    I love a good pound cake! Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe Nettie!

    • nettiemoore11

      Thank you, it is a wonderful cake! Nettie

      • Kim Ber

        I just made this cake and a lot of the cake overflowed I used a glass loaf dish is that what did it. I looked like I should have made 2 loafs? Do you have any answers. Thanks waiting for it to cool now. smells great!

      • nettiemoore11

        Depending on the glass dish that you use, I made one loaf with this recipe. Baking is a tricky thing, very scientific, make sure your ingredients are at room temperature, elevation may be a factor, make sure ingredients are measure correctly, large eggs and xtra large eggs could make the added difference, sounds like you would need more baking time if your cake overflowed. I just read a famous baker’s post, she made a cake and it exploded in the oven and she has made this cake a dozen times and this has never happened. Good Luck! Nettie

  • bakinginatornado

    I need to make this. Immediately. As soon as I stop drooling.

    • nettiemoore11

      Thank you! I hope you are still drooling after you make it! Nettie

  • joythebaker

    i absolutely love this cake! i’m so happy to see it representing strong! looks stellar!

    • nettiemoore11

      Thank you Joy! It means the world to me that you stopped by. This is our favorite pound cake thanks to you! Nettie

  • http://Mooreorlesscooking Patricia Nick

    What is the difference between using salted or unsalted butter?? Does it really make a diference ????

    • nettiemoore11

      Hi Patricia,

      That is a great question. In baking I use unsalted butter, usually there is added salt, this way there is a way to control how salty the recipe is. For cooking you can use either, just depending on whether there is a dietary limit of salt. Most people add salt to dishes that have already been cooked, according to their taste.


  • http://Mooreorlesscooking Patricia Nick


    • nettiemoore11

      I hope that answered your question. Nettie

  • Roseanne

    I’m new @ your site, I love it Thanks.

    • nettiemoore11

      Thank you Roseanne!

  • M.j.

    Can’t wait to try this. Nettie you are awesome!

    • nettiemoore11

      Thank you M.J.! You are so sweet to stop by and say such kind things! Nettie

  • mletterman

    Looks delicious! Must try this. Wish you had sent a sample!! Thanks for sharing.

    • nettiemoore11


      hope you get a chance to try, one of my favorites.


  • Jan

    Can’t wait

    • nettiemoore11

      I hope you enjoy this perfectly delicious pound cake! Nettie

  • Gina

    Making it right now :) Smells divine!!!!

    • nettiemoore11

      Hooray, I just love this cake, smells heavenly! Enjoy! Nettie

  • Nesha

    I always heard that you do not pre-heat your oven with pound cake. Have you tried it that way?

    • nettiemoore11

      Have to try that method now that I have a new oven that I call Olivia, I know she will do an amazing job!

  • http://Facebook Mary S

    I am such a sucker for a good pound cake and if it has cream cheese and I am alone with it, well, there will be only crumbs left on the plate! I will be making this as soon as I get some cream cheese. Thank you for this delicious recipe! :)

    • nettiemoore11

      Enjoy!! Nettie

  • Kathleen khan

    What do you mean by “rotate the cake”?

    • nettiemoore11


      Depending upon your oven, you may need to rotate the cake pans on their racks to ensure even baking.

      Don’t wait until the cake has pulled away from the sides of the pan to test for doneness: test it by pressing gently with a fingertip near the center. The cake should slowly spring back. (You can also insert a toothpick or cake tester near the center of the cake; it should come out clean, with no batter sticking to it.) Once you remove the cake from the oven, let it cool on a wire rack. Run a knife around the edges of the cake pan to loosen the cake, and invert the pan onto another rack or plate. Cool completely before slicing or frosting.

  • mzkitty

    can this be made with self rising flour

    • nettiemoore11

      Dear mzkitty,

      I do not have a lot of experience with self rising flour. I usually bake with all purpose flour. Nettie

  • Tara

    This looks like the perfect dessert, great recipe!!

    • nettiemoore11

      Thank you Tara! nettie <3

  • Del’s cooking twist

    Wow, simply love it!!

    • nettie

      Thank you so much Del! Nettie

  • nettiemoore11

    Thank you for including me Bibi. Nettie

  • nettiemoore11

    Always love including you Bibi!