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Stuffed Squash Blossoms

I love everything about summer, especially seeing what is growing my vegetable garden. My kale, basil, and tomatoes are explosive. We have had huge thundershowers, so I haven’t had to water much lately. My zucchini and squash blossoms are just coming out.


When my neighbor told me that he has lots of butternut squash blossoms and zucchini blossoms and would I like some, I couldn’t get my sandals on fast enough!


I decided to stuff them with Mozzarella, Parmesan Reggiano and Basil. You can actually stuff blossoms with any kind of cheese that you like, ricotta, goat, gruyere, or with meat or rice. I have had them many ways, all so delicious.


For 7 Blossoms, I grated about 1 cup of Mozzarella Cheese and added about a 1/4 cup of Parmesan Reggiano Cheese, I ripped up freshly picked basil leaves and stuffed the blossoms.


Twist the ends closed and try to pinch the blossoms closed so that the cheese doesn’t fall out. 

Dip stuffed blossoms in flour, then in egg, then again in flour


Fill skillet pan with about an inch of vegetable oil, carefully place stuffed blossoms in pan on medium high heat, saute until golden brown.


These are a delicious summer treat, a perfect appetizer with a cold glass of Chardonnay!


Stuffed Squash Blossoms


  • 12 squash blossoms, stamen removed
  • 8 oz mozzarella, grated
  • 1/4 cup Parmesan Reggiano, grated
  • 3 large basil leaves
  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoons sea salt plus more for garnishing
  • 1/2 tablespoon pepper

Wash squash blossoms. Take the stamen out from inside the blossom.  Pat dry. In a small bowl, combine Mozzarella , Parmesan, and basil. Carefully fill the blossoms with the cheese mixture. Twist the top of the blossoms to close off, repeat with remaining blossoms.

Place the flour in a shallow bowl and add the pepper and salt, mix.  Beat the eggs in a bowl and place next to the flour. Cover the squash blossoms in flour mixture, then in the egg wash and back in the flour, until very well coated.  Repeat with remaining blossoms.

Pour oil into a  rimmed frying pan, filling about 2-3 inches.  Heat until hot but not smoking, about 350-380 degrees.  Carefully fry blossoms in batches, until a nice golden brown color.  Serve warm.

Recipe adapted from Epicurean Mom

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

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Monday 21st of July 2014

I have never tried these before. They look yummy! Pinned. We really appreciate you taking the time to be a part of our party. Please join us tonight at 7 pm. It is a pleasure to have you! Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls


Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

Thank you Kimberly! Nettie

Alice Mizer

Saturday 19th of July 2014

stuffed blossoms are the best! I love mine with ricotta and mint!


Saturday 19th of July 2014

Next time I make them I will try that! Nettie

April J Harris (@apriljharris)

Thursday 17th of July 2014

I have eaten squash blossoms in restaurants but never prepared them myself. Your stuffed version looks beautiful, Nettie! What an elegant, seasonal appetizer :-)


Thursday 17th of July 2014

Thank you April, hope you give them a try! Nettie


Wednesday 16th of July 2014

I love stuffed squash blossoms but have never tried making them. Now i have a fantastic recipe...thank you so much!


Wednesday 16th of July 2014

Thank you Linda! So easy and so delicious! Let me know what you think <3 Nettie

Joanne/WineLady Cooks

Wednesday 16th of July 2014

Your recipe sounds easy enough. I've always thought about making stuffed squash blossoms but was intimidated, but now I think I'll give it a try. One of our specialty markets has them this week, they'll be on my list next. Pinned/shared.


Monday 15th of September 2014

Thank you Joanne, great idea to grab them when you see them, so delicious! Nettie

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.